Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun with Daddy!

Daddy took Bella for a ride on the lawn mower! Bella loved it of course! She enjoys being outside!!

Chuck E Cheese

We had a play date at Chuck E Cheese! Bella is enjoying herself for the first time!! She likes to play peek a boo and enjoys going down the slides! She also liked to ride the rides!!!


We had a very nice Easter this year! Very low stress and we got to visit with everyone!

Baby Baylie is soooo tiny!!! She makes Bella look huge!!!

Grammy and Bella

Bella rocking with Great Pappy. I used to do this too when I was a little girl!!

Creamer family enjoying the nice weather outside!!

Blowing kisses!

Hanging with the boys!

Noel had a bubble machine at his first bday! Bella really loved it! She was soaked with bubbles by the time we left the party!!!

Easter Photo Shoot!

Bella loved playing with the Easter eggs more than anything!

Cleaning up the house!

Bella likes to drink out of a straw now. She is enjoying a milk shake from Burger King.... Once she starts... Mommy has a hard time getting the cup back!!!
Bella likes to help Mommy do all the house chores... she enjoyed mopping the floor!

Fun with Friends!

Wyatt and Bella hanging out in the big boy bed! They were eating their fish sticks that they didn't finish at dinner. Wyatt liked to pull Bella in his little wagon!!

We went to the mall to see the Easter bunny... which was not a success. Bella did not like the Easter bunny at all!!! Morgan came to ride the train with Bella for the first time which she enjoyed!!!!

We had a playdate with our friends Brooke and Ben! Brooke liked to feed Bella her cheese popcorn! She thinks that Bella is the same age as baby Ben since they are the same size and all!

Shawn's 30th Birthday Party!

We had a surprise 30th birthday party for my brother Shawn at the Bavarian! Bella loved running around the place. We danced and had so much fun!!!
Bella and Owen love to give kisses!!

Valentine's Day playdate!

We went to our friend Maureen's house for a small Valentine's Day party! Bella loves playing with the other kids. Ths was her first attempt to participate in a craft activity! Bella wanted to have a pencil from the Valentine more than anything. We had a great time!

Fun times!

Here are the four cousins hanging out for Pap's birthday! It's always fun trying to get all four of the to sit still and smile for a picture!!!

Aunt Haley and Bella!

Mommy & Bella at Chuck E. Cheese for Riley's first bday! Bella loved the music and dancing!

Bella loves sitting in her rocking chair! This chair used to be mine when I was a little girl!