Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hat Time Again!

We love hat time so much!

Toy time!!

Bella has figured out how to hold onto her toys and shake them around now!! It is soo cute! She likes to grab a big chunk of Mommy's hair and then we have to pry her fingers to get it loose... she's a tough little gal! She is also talking NON STOP!!! She isn't going to be anything like her mother is she???? :)

Baby Owen is here!!!

We went to visit cousin Owen. He was born about 5 weeks early, but he is at home now and doing well!! He looks so tiny next to Bella!!!!!! He weighed 5 lb. .2oz. and Bella is about twice his size here!! I thought she was tiny!! They are going to be best friends!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We love Hats!!!

We have so much fun trying on clothes! We love wearing cute hats!! Instead of getting ready for work, Mommy decided to have a photo shoot!

I am the cutest baby around town! :)