Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inner Harbor

Bella and I went to visit my friend Kaitlin for a few days. We went to the playground near where I used to live and put Bella in the swing. After she woke up, she was cracking up laughing like it was the funniest thing ever! It was so cute that I had to buy her a swing as soon as I got home and make her Daddy put it in our yard!!!

Bella had to get a crab hat. We looked at shirts that said about being crabby... but Bella is rarely crabby so we didn't buy one! :) Bella even tried crab dip for the first time at Kaitlin's house!!!

We spent the day walking around Inner Harbor and having lunch with Kaitlin! It started to rain, but it was sooo humid!!!!!

We went to visit with Nikki at her place. We went out for dinner and had a good time hanging out and catching up with one another!

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