Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas pictures!

Bella's first Christmas! We had a good holiday. It was nice to have people come to our house and have room for everyone to come visit! Bella did a good job opening her gifts... even though it would have taken us days if we didn't help at all. She really enjoyed shredding the paper and tearing the paper out of the gift bags.
Bella and Lilly both begging Uncle Eddie for some cookies!

Tough guys!

Bella loves spending time with her cousins Jacob and Owen!

Daddy got Mommy and Bella matching diamond earrings! :)

Bella loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse! Every time the Hot dog song comes on, she will dance and laugh at the TV. So Santa brought Bella a Mickey Mouse that sings and dances. She loves him!!!

Bella loves animals and kept trying to kiss the dog!

Bella loves her sled that Pappy Carl and Grammy Linda got her. Kaydin enjoyed pushing her around in the sled!

We had a little get together with some of our close friends to exchange gifts. Wyatt and Bella were having fun sharing their toys! :)

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